Livable Communities Council

The Livable Communities Council's (LCC) mission over the coming years will continue to be improving metro Atlanta’s quality of life through smart growth, with a particular focus on Transit Oriented Development (TOD) and walkable communities. We are in conversations with MARTA, the Beltline, and other organizations as to how LCC can play an explicit role in advising on development around existing and future transit and believe there are other ways in which we can make tangible impacts on land use.

Livable Communities Council

As of July 2013, the Livable Communities Coalition merged with ULI Atlanta as the Livable Communities Council (LCC).  In January 2014, we formed the inaugural 50-member executive-level council led by an eight-member executive committee. The council is chaired by an eight-member executive committee is chaired by Amanda Rhein, Atlanta Land Trust.  Other members include David Allman,  Regent Partners; Kevin Cantley, Cooper Carry; John Goff, DaVinci Development Collaborative, LLC; Kevin Green, Midtown Alliance; Marc Pollack, Pollack Shores Real Estate Group; Pam Sessions, Hedgewood Homes; Jim Stokes, Sustainable Solutions Georgia; and Dave Williams,  Metro Atlanta Chamber.


The LCC’s mission continues to be improving metro Atlanta’s quality of life through smart growth, with a focus on Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) and walkable communities.  The LCC seeks to serve not only as thought leaders but also as practice leaders of responsible development. LCC members have provided explicit recommendations on development around existing and future transit as well as broad education on infrastructure and impacts on land use.


ULI and the LCC bring a vast array of resources and tools to advance TOD and walkable communities in the Atlanta region.  This ranges from best-in-class research to tangible application of best practices from ULI membership.  LCC is a member-driven council with support from Daphne Bond-Godfrey, Director, and Sarah Kirsch, Executive Director at ULI Atlanta.   In 2018, LCC will continue to focus on transit investment and its implementation as well as the critical role affordable housing plays in TOD and walkable communities.


LCC’s membership is comprised of 50 established leaders from the private, non-profit, and public sectors who are committed to advancing TOD and walkable communities.

The commitment

Membership in the LCC requires:

  • Active participation in all council meetings. The meeting dates will be set for the year at the beginning of the calendar year. In addition, working groups will be advancing specific policy and place-based initiatives throughout the course of the year.
  • Being a member of the Urban Land Institute and annual council dues of $200.
  • Sponsorship of ULI Atlanta is not a requirement of participation but is strongly encouraged to support the ongoing work and mission of the organization.

Please fill out this application to express your interest in this local product council.