mTAPs Projects for 2017

During the course of the nine-month program, participants have an opportunity to provide leadership on a critical Atlanta regional issue through a mini Technical Assistance Panel (mTAP). Working in teams, participants will be responsible for sharing their expertise and advice to develop recommendations for a sponsor organization.

mTAPs 2017 Leadership

Ashley Pafford, Chair
FirstService Residential

Derrick Holland, Co-Chair
Trinity Group

mTAPs Projects for 2017

Chosewood Park Masterplan
Chosewood Park Community Development Corporation

In connection with the ChosewoodPark Visioning Plan 2009 and the Atlanta BeltLine masterplan, provide a project of impact along Boulevard and Englewood, one that will chart the course for smart growth for their future. Develop a street and land-use plan for reactivation of Boulevard and Englewood Streets, overcoming difficult typography while providing strong opportunities for growth, smart density, connection to the neighborhood and a detailed plan for their future.

Clarkston Town Center District Redevelopment Plan
City of Clarkston

An annexation is planned for 2017 that if successful, will increase our population of Clarkston from 12,250 to approximately 22,000. Accordingly, there exist a tremendous need to pursue a catalytic public/private project in their town center area that will provide new civic space capable of housing additional municipal staff as well promote more private retail and commercial investment opportunities in the surrounding area. The task is to provide recommendations for: redevelopment plan area boundaries – compare and contrast use of Downtown Development Authority powers and/or Urban Redevelopment Authority powers to achieve redevelopment goals;  redevelopment plan financing/funding options; integration of existing buildings into new redevelopment;  improved/increased parking in redevelopment area; a plan to include façade improvements – including recommendations for integration of current streetscape project plans with new; and  redevelopment plans.

Downtown Tucker Parking Revitalization
Tucker Northlake CID

Provide technical assistance to work with the Tucker-Northlake Community Improvement District (TNCID) to develop and launch a pilot program for shared parking in Downtown Tucker.  The goal of this project is to develop a mechanism to use the many underutilized parking lots to help solve the Downtown Tucker parking shortage.  Such a pilot program has been listed as one of the priority projects in the TNCID’s recent Master Plan, which has also been adopted by the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) as an update to the Tucker-Northlake Livable Centers Initiative (LCI) study.  Tucker Business Association (TBA) and the City of Tucker have also expressed support for this project.

The Emerald Corridor Foundation
Bankhead MARTA TOD

The Hollowell corridor used to be the thriving center of the local neighborhoods, but today is functions mostly as a throughway for 16,000 cars and trucks traversing from 285 and Cobb County to downtown. The Foundation has secured a commitment from Trees Atlanta to begin planting the Hollowell Corridor, and has submitted an application to the state Dept. of Community Affairs to designate the area an Opportunity Zone. These are a few actions, among others, that are intended to attract business and investment back to the area which is a food and retail desert.

The Emerald Corridor Foundation seeks a thoughtful redevelopment plan that incorporates all the trail, park, pedestrian access into a TOD around the Bankhead MARTA station.

Mixed-use TOD Along MARTA’s South & West Rail Lines

MARTA currently has six TOD projects in various stages of development along its north and east rail lines. MARTA and local municipalities are actively exploring ways to increase transit ridership in the region. Transit expansion and MARTA’s TOD program are key components to increase ridership and support both local community development and regional economic development. Real estate developers are on board and taking advantage of MARTA’s approach to TOD implementation. The development community is witnessing first-hand how access to transit options is becoming more and more of an asset for successful real estate endeavors, but not so much for the MARTA stations on the south and west rail lines. Development opportunities near MARTA stations are becoming comparable to waterfront property as traffic congestion continues to worsen, but again, not so much for the MARTA stations on the south and west rail lines.

MARTA would like to determine if there is a market for affordable mixed-use development for Atlanta’s “creative community”; identify the key attributes of a mixed-use development geared toward the artistic community; evaluate which station(s) on the south and west rail lines are best positioned for implementing a successful affordable mixed-use development supporting Atlanta’s “creative community” and the desire of the nearby neighborhoods; and Identify key stakeholders (advocates, funding sources, and real estate developers).

Milford Church / Osborne Redevelopment Options
Cobb County

Cobb County is seeking input on fostering reinvestment to the underserved neighborhoods of the Milford/Osborne area. This part of Cobb is rich in history and diversity and is situated in an area that makes it easy to access adjacent communities and job centers. There are tremendous physical assets that the community has to work with as well.

Westside/Howell Mill Strategic Vision
Westside CID

This year, a group of commercial property owners on Howell Mill Road have organized to form a self-taxing Community Improvement District (CID). The nascent CID’s goals are to improve transportation, safety, and quality of life in the district. The business community recognizes the economic benefit of a walkable, bikeable, vibrant urban environment in attracting tenants, employees, and customers. Now that their area has a unified voice and funding mechanism, the Westside/ Howell Mill CID would like to explore a new vision for the public realm that embraces the area’s burgeoning urban values.