YLG Mentor Program

Ben Harris
Chair, YLG Mentor Program
State Bank & Trust Company

Clayton (Clay) Phillips
Co-Chair, YLG Mentor Program
Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

YLG Mentor Program


The mission of the mentor program is to foster an exchange of professional ideas, friendship, and expertise among young real estate professionals and industry veterans. This program matches young professionals (mentees) with experienced professionals (mentors) for guidance and support, while offering mentors an opportunity to strengthen ties with the young future leaders of the local real estate community and ULI.


Every applicant must be committed to the Mentor Program in order to create the type of atmosphere necessary for success. Attendance and participation in each meeting for the full term of the program is expected.


Each mentor group consists of 2 YLG members with an interest or experience in similar product types or sectors. Each group is led by 1 mentor, a senior leader. Mentor groups are expected to meet over the course of 9 months, every month. Meetings can include: lessons learned from a mentor’s career, discussing career goals, case studies,  project tours, guest speakers, or anything else mutually agreed upon to further the relationship among the group.  A mentor program committee member will also be emailing articles, videos, etc. that relate to the mentor or leadership topic at the beginning of every month to assist with leading a productive discussion.

Active Participation

Mentees should have a clear idea of what they want to achieve through the Mentor Program, whether that be obtaining career advice or learning from their peers and mentor about specific issues in their sector. Each mentee must take responsibility for facilitating (help determine agendas, coordinate schedules, etc.) at least one meeting. This role is crucial to taking the scheduling work off of the mentor’s hands and keeping the group together.

Requirements/ Pre-requisites

Education: Undergraduate degree or higher.

Work Experience:  Minimum of 1 year experience in the real estate industry or related field, including development, architecture, planning, government, hospitality, transportation, engineering, finance, sustainability, and non-profits.

Current Employment: Currently employed in the industry or enrolled in a real estate focused graduate school program”.

Membership:  Must be a ULI Member.  Please contact ULI Atlanta (404) 331-1800 to discuss options if you are not a member.


Applications Due: The Application is now available and is due on December 28th. Late applications will not be accepted.

Apply Now!

Protégés will be notified the week of January 14, 2019.

Selected Protégés will be required to attend a cocktail reception the week of February 4, 2019 where they will meet their mentor and fellow mentee.


ULI YLG Members: $75

This fee covers the cost of two ULI organized receptions.