Capital Markets Council

The Capital Markets Council was formed in 2014 with the mission of engaging each member on substantive capital market trends and larger financial issues that affect each of us individually and our industry more broadly. We structure the content to facilitate two-way conversations with the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. Key to the success of the Council is rich dialogue among senior-level industry experts.

Capital Markets Council

In March 2014 the Capital Market’s Council held its inaugural convening at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta to begin an exchange of information, trends, and perspectives on the state of the real estate capital markets. The senior level council is led by an executive committee which includes: Brian Bailey, Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta; Tom Brown, Ernst & Young; Chip Davidson, Brookdale Group; Faron Hill, Peregrine Oak, LLC; and Greg Winchester, Summit Investors, LLC.


ULI is committed to promoting understanding of the real estate capital markets and providing leadership in fostering a healthy and productive real estate capital markets sector. The ULI Atlanta Capital Markets Council is a unique opportunity for leadership to engage in two-way conversations on market trends, monetary policy, and real-time issues and opportunities in the real estate markets.


Over the past few years, District Councils of ULI across the country have formed local councils in the same way there are product councils at the national level.  Local councils are either focused on practice areas (e.g. Residential Council in San Francisco) or topics (e.g. Regional Cooperation Council in Washington, D.C.).  CMC is one of three local councils in the Atlanta District and is a topically focused on emerging issues within the capital markets.


CMC’s membership is comprised of 45 established senior practitioners in the Sixth Federal Reserve District, which comprises Alabama, Florida, Georgia, parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Members represent all real estate property sectors and a diversity of roles in the capital markets.

The Commitment

Membership in the CMC requires:

  • Active participation in three of the four quarterly meetings held at the Federal Reserve. The meeting dates will be set for the year at the beginning of the calendar year;
  • Being a member of the Urban Land Institute ; and
  • Annual Council dues of $200.

Sponsorship of ULI Atlanta is not a requirement of participation but is strongly encouraged to support the ongoing work and mission of the organization.