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ULI Atlanta, a district Council of the Urban Land Institute, is ULI at the local level. As a ULI member, you have many opportunities to get involved in leadership development, community service, and enhancement of land use policy and practice, as well as support activities for the functioning of the Atlanta District Council such as membership or sponsorship.

Get Involved

If you are interested in the sustainable growth and development of the Atlanta region, ULI Atlanta is for you. ULI is a nonprofit research and education organization supported by its members. Founded in 1936, the Institute now has over 38,000 members in 95 countries, representing the entire spectrum of land use and real estate development disciplines working in private enterprise and public service – including leading property owners, investors, advisors, developers, architects, lawyers, lenders, planners, regulators, contractors, engineers, university professors, librarians, students, and interns. ULI Atlanta is one of ULI’s largest District Councils worldwide, with almost 1,000 members. We welcome membership and participation from all types of organizations, both private and public, who share our commitment to responsible land use to sustain the growth and prosperity of the southeastern region.

Through District Council sponsored educational forums and events such as trends conferences and project tours, through community outreach programs, and by providing industry expertise to community leaders, the opportunity to influence local land use policy continues to be the focus and achievement of the District Councils.

In the ULI fashion of offering an unbiased and non-partisan exchange on issues impacting the industry, District Councils provide the avenues for active dialogues between private industry, environmental organizations, and public agencies to help provide solutions to local and regional issues.

We look forward to seeing you at a district council activity soon. You will receive email notices of all upcoming programs and we hope you will attend.

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