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A Great First Step Into Commercial Real Estate Leadership

by Matt Mason, Founder & Principal with Tracy Avenue Partners

Commercial real estate success is driven by relationships. One of the best ways to form a strong professional network in our industry is through ULI Atlanta’s Center for Leadership. Applications are due May 22.

When I joined the Urban Land Institute in 2006, I had recently returned to Atlanta to pursue my MBA and was new to commercial real estate.  In less than a year, by getting involved in ULI, I quickly found friends and colleagues which shaped my understanding of the industry.  Several years later, I had the opportunity to apply for the 2011 Class of the Center for Leadership.  At that point in time my experiences in ULI had been rich, and I wondered how the CFL program could help me.

I was excited to apply and be accepted into CFL, though I really didn’t know what to expect.   Prior to the first class, participants read the book Atlanta Rising.  It tells the story of Atlanta’s history from the 1920s to the Olympics.  Few people know that the ‘City Too Busy To Hate’ was a similar size to Birmingham and Charlotte post World War II.  Decisions made by our leaders, some good and some bad, fueled Atlanta’s growth.  At the first CFL class, I met a diverse group of architects, contractors, developers, attorneys, city planners, and non-profit leaders and we began our journey together.

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