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Georgia Tech Real Estate Development By Design

by Rick Porter History tells us that shaping land for human habitat is not a new idea. From high rise cliff dwellers to high rise office dwellers, real estate development has been a centerpiece of the human experience. Georgia Tech is exploring this paradigm through its new Masters of Real Estate Development program. Over the past half century, the development of our land has been accomplished by a rapidly expanding group of entrepreneurs that have loosely created the profession of real estate developer. These practitioners have traditionally acquired and honed … Read More

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Broaden Your Worldview Of Real Estate

Reflections on ULI’s Center for Leadership by Kyle Reis The real estate industry in Atlanta is a paradox of sorts. With almost 6 million people currently residing in the Metro region, and growth projections of 2.5 million additional people in the coming years, the Atlanta region represents a relatively large and urbanizing real estate market. Despite the size of the Atlanta market, it amazes me how connected real estate professionals really are. Real estate is a personal, relationship-based industry even in a large region like ours. There are many opportunities … Read More

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Cast Your Line Now! ULI Atlanta Seeking Entrepreneurial Developers For 1st Ever Shark Tank

By: Thomas Kramer Tailored after the hit TV show, Shark Tank, ULI Atlanta’s 1st ever Real Estate Development Shark Tank will bring together aspiring and veteran developers in front of a live audience, as they pitch their projects in front of an expert panel of sharks. The sharks represent Atlanta’s most seasoned leaders in the industry and will offer the audience an opportunity to look behind the scenes at the inner-workings of an investment committee. ULI Atlanta is soliciting investment proposals from savvy, aspiring real estate developers who are actively pursuing … Read More

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Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI): Where Relationships Help Build Opportunity

By: Kim Bucklew Since its inception in 2011, ULI’s Women Leadership Initiative (WLI) has been on a mission to increase the visibility of women leaders throughout the real estate industry. A ULI survey of its membership revealed only 25 percent were women and of those women only 14 percent were CEOs. A clear gender gap exists when we talk about women in leadership across all industries, real estate is no exception. Something has to change and change is good. Atlanta’s WLI for 2018 is designed to inspire women by showcasing … Read More

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Atlanta’s Changing Transportation Ecosystem

Atlanta’s traffic woes are a well-known story. Despite having the nation’s 9th largest transit system, we are still an auto-centric city and region, rife with congestion along our main corridors. The lesser known story, perhaps, is the remarkable level of investment and coordination currently underway among our state and regional agencies to make significant changes in how Atlantans move around and through the region. The momentum began in earnest in 2015 when House Bill 170 passed, providing additional, dedicated, cost adjusted funding for transportation investment across the state of Georgia. … Read More

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Out of the Ashes, Once Again

On July 31, 2012, the Atlanta region soundly rejected a well-publicized and carefully orchestrated Transportation Special Local Option Sales Tax (TSLOST) which would have funded multiple billions of dollars of projects for the region. While those of us in the shell-shocked transportation advocacy world licked our wounds amidst the clearing smoke on the battlefield, pundits claimed that Atlanta would never get out of its perpetual traffic woes, which became emblematic for the city since the late 1990s. Much like Phoenix rising from the ashes, however, the transportation community made a … Read More

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Shedding Atlanta’s Transportation Stigma

Transportation. A hot button topic that can be as aggravating as many of the cliché’ terms out there like “Hotlanta” or “the ATL” that are commonly used to describe our fare city. The obligatory “I hear the traffic is horrible” or “how’s your commute?” will undoubtedly follow almost any Atlantan’s introduction to an outsider. The good news is that we have rare opportunity to make it better and possibly shed our transportation stigma for good, or at least until I-85 burns down again. In 2016, Atlantans voted in favor of a … Read More

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What Tools Are Needed To Advance An Affordable Housing Agenda?

by Sharon Gay In her inauguration speech as the 60th Mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms identified a $1 billion-dollar housing affordability plan, the largest affordable housing investment in Atlanta’s history. But what does this investment buy and how much affordable housing will it build? What are the priorities and how will they be set? These are all important questions and ones that we collaboratively will need to support and work through. It is an audacious goal and one worthy of us all taking to heart in pursuit of sustainable solutions … Read More

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What Is Atlanta’s ‘Hedgehog’?

A city long known for its affordability, hospitality, and warm climate is at cross-roads. When I think about what I want Atlanta’s story to be relative to affordable housing, I don’t want a researcher being quoted in the AJC in five years saying, “we did not act fast enough to preserve, produce or protect affordable housing here.” Some of you may say, “Too late… that ship has sailed.” But I don’t think so.  Yes, the window is closing but we have the tools, the ideas, and the leadership to make … Read More

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What Issues Matter To You And The Greater Atlanta Region In 2018?

Image of speaker for this event

By: Wayne Williams, Programs Committee, ULI Atlanta In 2017, ULI Atlanta’s Programs Committee launched a series called Issues that Matter. This series allows ULI members to hear from Atlanta-based thought leaders to discuss the critical issues challenging Atlanta and surrounding region for creating and sustaining thriving communities. For 2017, the focus of our programs were community development and revitalization, regional and local transportation, and water resource management. A common element of each topic included how these issues intersect with land use and the built environment along with growth and economic development. The first conversation … Read More

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