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Georgia Tech Real Estate Development By Design

by Rick Porter History tells us that shaping land for human habitat is not a new idea. From high rise cliff dwellers to high rise office dwellers, real estate development has been a centerpiece of the human experience. Georgia Tech is exploring this paradigm through its new Masters of Real Estate Development program. Over the past half century, the development of our land has been accomplished by a rapidly expanding group of entrepreneurs that have loosely created the profession of real estate developer. These practitioners have traditionally acquired and honed … Read More

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Broaden Your Worldview Of Real Estate

Reflections on ULI’s Center for Leadership by Kyle Reis The real estate industry in Atlanta is a paradox of sorts. With almost 6 million people currently residing in the Metro region, and growth projections of 2.5 million additional people in the coming years, the Atlanta region represents a relatively large and urbanizing real estate market. Despite the size of the Atlanta market, it amazes me how connected real estate professionals really are. Real estate is a personal, relationship-based industry even in a large region like ours. There are many opportunities … Read More

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