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Who Knew Millennials and Baby Boomers Have Something Important in Common?

By John Goff, Managing Principal of DaVinci Development Collaborative, LLC For as many years as there have been older people on earth, it’s been a common ritual for older folks to question the habits and preferences of their kids’ and grandkids’ generations. The same is true today with Millennials – everybody loves weighing in on their different work habits and the digital addictions that they bring to our world. Yet working as I have in civic and commercial real estate development for the past few decades, I’ve noticed something unusual … Read More

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Walk This Way: Tomorrow’s Walk-Up

By Matt Scofield, Account Manager, Jackson Spalding As part of ULI’s Center for Leadership class, our team was tasked with working with Pedestrians Educating Drivers on Safety (PEDS) to promote its mission of making the Atlanta region safe and accessible to all pedestrians. Specifically, we wanted to find ways PEDS could connect with developers earlier in the planning process so that they could better connect the destinations they plan to build with the communities surrounding, and impacted by, them. In 1917, incoming Chamber of Commerce President Ivan Allen (father of … Read More

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ULI Atlanta Award for Building Healthy Places

By Sarah Kirsch, Executive Director, ULI Atlanta Atlanta is not known for its healthy land use patterns but that’s changing – and ULI is establishing an award to celebrate this evolution. An example of this change is the Atlanta BeltLine Eastside Trail. Not long after it opened, my family was joking that the BeltLine should be completely reframed not as economic development, community building, or infrastructure investment – even though it is clearly all of those things and more – but as a health initiative. My husband even suggested the … Read More

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A Great First Step Into Commercial Real Estate Leadership

by Matt Mason, Founder & Principal with Tracy Avenue Partners Commercial real estate success is driven by relationships. One of the best ways to form a strong professional network in our industry is through ULI Atlanta’s Center for Leadership. Applications are due May 22. When I joined the Urban Land Institute in 2006, I had recently returned to Atlanta to pursue my MBA and was new to commercial real estate.  In less than a year, by getting involved in ULI, I quickly found friends and colleagues which shaped my understanding … Read More

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Downtown Atlanta Has a Great Soundtrack

By Sarah Kirsch, Executive Director or ULI Atlanta We loved our Atlanta offices, which for years were in a lovely green campus in Cumberland-Galleria. We were always steps away from other office buildings, a hotel, and a mall. Last week, we moved to downtown Atlanta and I quickly remembered why there is nothing like downtowns in many big cities. Downtown Atlanta has its own soundtrack – and it changes all day long. On Tuesday, as I walked down Peachtree, I heard music coming from The Hard Rock, The Ellis Hotel, … Read More

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