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What is Community Building?

by Michael Phillips What is community building? How is it accomplished? How can we, as emerging leaders contribute? These questions and others were at the core of our program day titled ‘Community Building’ on December 5, 2013. We heard from private developers, public officials and even took a stab ourselves at a relevant project affecting Atlanta to come up with some answers. Although the perspectives were different, there were common themes that arose throughout the day. CONCENTRATED POVERTY Whether it was Greg Giornelli, President and COO of Purpose Built Communities … Read More

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Innovation in Real Estate: What if Steve Jobs had been a Residential Developer?

By:  Jeff DuFresne, CCIM, CPM, LEED AP Steve Jobs was an icon of American innovation. At the ULI Fall Meeting in Chicago, participants were asked what innovations Apple Computer’s founder and CEO would have made had he been a residential developer. Over the past half-century, there has been little true innovation in the housing industry. Yes, there has been an incremental improvement in the finishes, and the floor plans have gotten larger, but houses built in the 1960s are not very different from the houses built today, according to Lew … Read More

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