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CFL Day 7: Community Building

What do you think of when you hear the words “Community Building?”  If you said “consensus building,” “neighborhood redevelopment,” or “fighting,” you would be right.  The seventh day of the ULI’s 2013 Center for Leadership was about what it takes to get the public on board to allow any major development project to move forward. Our first speaker was Barbara Faga, an Urban Designer and author of Designing Public Consensus.  Barbara regaled us with stories of community meetings for redevelopment projects across the country, from Boston’s “Big Dig” to the creation … Read More

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Creating Real Estate Value around Green Space

By Anna Czachurski On April 16, ULI Atlanta and Lambda Alpha co-hosted the spring Sustainability luncheon titled “Creating Real Estate Value around Green Space.”  The keynote speaker was Ed McMahon, a ULI Senior Fellow for Sustainable Development, who is actively involved in promoting environmentally sensitive development policies and practices.  Mr. McMahon spoke about the growing importance of green space in today’s community.  As the built environment around us continues to expand, so does the awareness that future development must do their part to preserve natural amenities for tomorrow’s generations.  Increasingly, … Read More

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