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The Amazing Race for Regional Collaboration

Center for Leadership Day 4 by Jon Tuley In light of the recent failure of the regional TSPLOST referendum, the December CFL seminar on regionalism and infrastructure was timely and informative. Doug Hooker, Executive Director of ARC was our first speaker and helped frame the discussion for the day with an overview of major issues facing our region and how the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) is involved with each. Mr. Hooker began by explaining that even without the estimated $6 billion that TSPLOST would have provided for transportation projects, the … Read More

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Zen and the Art of Consumer Place-Making

by Eric Weatherholtz The creative class is hypnotically drawn to certain shopping environments, shunning others that might, in the conventional accounting, appear superior.  Robert Pirsig, in “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance” explains a framework for understanding why.  Although the prevailing maxims of traditional real estate finance keep these sought-after environments rare by promulgating the look-alike development comprising most of America, we are all granted a reprieve from the repetitive when adept place-makers successfully attract the creative class. Urban studies theorist Richard Florida popularized the concept of an intellectual socioeconomic … Read More

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