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ULI Atlanta CFL mTAP Team Honored

Through the ULI Center for Leadership mini-Technical Assistance Panel (mTAP) program, Todd Addison, Jacoby Development; Michael Howell, Lincoln Property Group; Bill Mealor, Patterson Real Estate Advisory Group; Jake Von Trapp, Columbia Residential and Christina Byrnes, tvsdesign; came together to serve Pedestrians Educating Drivers on Safety (PEDS) by offering professional guidance and recommendations on specific issues identified by PEDS. PEDS advocates for changes to the sidewalk ordinances within the City of Atlanta for the benefit of pedestrians and betterment of the communities. Presently, the taxpayers within the City of Atlanta have to shoulder the burden of city … Read More

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CFL Day Three: Development & Capital Markets

by Katie Elliott “If we study what is merely average, we will remain merely average.”  -Shawn Achor Beguiling us with stories of unicorns and Harry Potter’s Hogwarts, we began our third day at Center for Leadership with a TED Talk led by Shawn Achor. The premise of his discussion focuses on the notion that culturally we look at the attainment of happiness incorrectly. We base happiness on external factors and say, “If I make a million dollars, I will be happy.” However, once we make a million dollars, we move the … Read More

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Railroad Park in Birmingham wins a national ULI Award

Railroad Park - Birmingham, AL

The Urban Open Space Award celebrates and promotes vibrant, successful urban open spaces by annually recognizing and rewarding an outstanding example of a public destination that has enriched and revitalized its surrounding community. The 2012 Winner of this Award is Railroad Park, which is located in Birmingham, Alabama within the ULI Atlanta District Council.. Thursday, November 14th, Faron Hill, on behalf of ULI Atlanta presented Award to William Bell, the Mayor of Birmingham, at a public gathering at the park with several activities, organized by the recipient the Railroad Park … Read More

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CFL Day Two: Role of Government

Ed Jennings

By Terri Lee We began Day 2 with an agenda that looked at “The Role of Government” and how it has shaped our lives and the manner in which we conduct business. Leading the discussion were prestigious alumnus of the ULI Leadership Institute who represented a myriad of organizations that have a significant role in shaping Atlanta’s community and economic fabric. With expectations mounted, Ed Jennings, HUD Regional Director, started the discussion by acknowledging what we all knew and felt through our everyday professions, “that the economy is in its … Read More

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CFL Day One: Atlanta In Context – What Do Falcons Do?

Atlanta Sunset

By Brett Oliver “What do Falcons do?” I am reminded of the commercials featuring Samuel L. Jackson and the impassioned gospel choir belting “RISE UP!” The CFL Class of 2013 convened, 47 days after the failed T-SLPOST vote, to this question: “Will Atlanta Rise Up? Can we rise up?” Day one was packed with panels and presentations by distinguished guests (six CEOs and three prominent media members)—allowing the class to reflect on distant and recent events and, particularly after this pivotal and telling vote, ponder the critical role leadership and … Read More

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