Women’s Leadership Initiative

The mission of the ULI Women’s Leadership Initiative is to raise the visibility and number of women leaders in ULI and the real estate industry.

Women’s Leadership Initiative


The mission of the WLI is expressed in its four primary objectives:

  • Promote the advancement of women, throughout their careers, as leaders in the real estate industry.
  • Increase the number of women who serve in leadership positions in the real estate industry and in ULI.
  • Increase the visibility of women leaders in the real estate industry and in ULI.
  • Increase the number of women who are active ULI Full members, and support the development of young women members as leaders in ULI and in their professions.

WLI Steering Committee

The WLI Steering Committee will be selected annually by the current acting WLI Chair & ULI Atlanta Executive Director with input from current WLI Steering Committee members.  Target number of Steering Committee members is +/- 10. The Committee is responsible for setting goals and the schedule for WLI for the year, planning and implementing all events, implementing established goals for the fiscal year, attending certain networking events to facilitate introductions, discussions and relationship building, and potentially hosting some events. For FY 2017, the Committee will meet monthly on the third Thursday of every month from 8:30 am – 10:00 am at the offices of the current WLI Chair.  Subcommittees within the Steering Committee will be formed, each with 2 co-chairs, to plan and implement each of the initiatives established for the fiscal year.  The co-chairs may involve ULI members outside of the Steering Committee to help on their respective committees and are encouraged to seek newer ULI members with at least five (5) years industry experience.


Events will be held per the established WLI calendar, commencing September 2016. The WLI Mission will serve as the baseline underlying all events. The events will be generally one of three categories:

1. Leadership Mentoring (Peer to Peer) ($): WLI will partner peers into small groups for monthly gatherings in order to learn and mentor with and from each other. Groups are anticipated to be approximately 4-5 in size and each group will be responsible for creating their own monthly meeting plans, whether that be a standard breakfast, happy hour, lunch, walk, etc. It is up to the group to set the schedule and events! Additionally, we’ve targeted Peer Group Dinner dates that will bring all Peer Groups together for cocktails and then each Peer Group can break off during dinner for discussions.

FY 2017 Subcommittee Co-Chairs: Shelli Willis, Cheri Ong, Christine Norstadt & Frances Bohn

2. Relationship Building (w/Relevant Topic) / Breakfast Gatherings ($): WLI will host four (quarterly calendar event) relationship building events that are generally medium-sized (25-35 attendees) format events lasting 1 – 1.5 hours and taking place as a breakfast, happy hour or dinner with facilitated conversation centered around networking with possible pre-selected and publicized topics. The purpose of these events will be to build and strengthen relationships among ULI members, while providing topics for discussion that are relevant and of interest to participants.

FY 2017 Subcommittee Co-Chairs: Kim Bucklew & Emily Sweitzer

3. Community Service / Volunteer Event ($): WLI will partner or coordinate a charitable event that may include ongoing meetings or fundraising/volunteer events throughout the year, or may be one larger volunteer event day. The event will be centered around the public sector initiatives within ULI with the focus of strengthening the women’s initiatives through engagement and giving back to the community. WLI may “adopt” an appropriate charitable organization to support through a commitment of members’ time and potentially fundraising efforts to direct capital donations.

FY 2017 Subcommittee Co-Chairs: Jessica Lenze & TBD

4. Signature Events ($$$): WLI will host one larger (50-100+ attendees) format event lasting 2 or more hours at larger scale and/or unique venues. This event will likely be centered around paid for (or volunteer) speakers addressing relevant topics in support of the WLI Mission. The goal is to make these events truly unique, whether by virtue of the venue, the topic, the speaker, and/or the format of the meeting, and over time something our members come to highly value. Higher level of food and beverage will be provided.

It is anticipated that this event will be held at the end of the 2016-7 calendar year, if timing permits.