Livable Communities Council

The Livable Communities Council's (LCC) mission over the coming years will continue to be improving metro Atlanta’s quality of life through smart growth, with a particular focus on Transit Oriented Development (TOD) and walkable communities. We are in conversations with MARTA, the Beltline, and other organizations as to how LCC can play an explicit role in advising on development around existing and future transit and believe there are other ways in which we can make tangible impacts on land use.

Livable Communities Council

As of July 2013, the Livable Communities Coalition has merged with ULI Atlanta as the Livable Communities Council (LCC).


Membership in the Council is by application and is capped at 50 members.   The Executive Committee is chaired by John Goff of DaVinci Development Collaborative, LLC.  Other members includes David Allman; Marc Pollack; Pam Sessions; Jim Stokes; and Dave Williams.


Over the past few years, District Councils of ULI across the country have formed local councils in the same way there are product councils at the national level.

Local councils are either focused on practice areas (e.g. Residential Council in San Francisco) or topics (e.g. Regional Cooperation Council in Washington, D.C.).

LCC is the first local council in Atlanta and is a topical council focused on TOD and walkable communities.

General Purposes of a Local Council:
  • Provide an avenue for all members to experience the value of ULI.
  • Attract to membership the most talented and successful people in real estate development field.
  • Provide a forum for information exchange on state-of-the-art real estate and land use practices.
  • Provide an industry focus on the major social and economic issues of the day.
  • Provide input to impact and influence community attitudes and lifestyles regarding development.
  • Apply research to innovative applications in land use planning.
  • Capitalize upon the efforts of ULI’s membership talent to strengthen the Institute’s overall impact.