mTAPs Projects for 2016

During the course of the nine-month program, participants have an opportunity to provide leadership on a critical Atlanta regional issue through a mini Technical Assistance Panel (mTAP). Working in teams, participants will be responsible for sharing their expertise and advice to develop recommendations for a sponsor organization.

mTAPs 2017 Leadership

Ashley Pafford, Chair
FirstService Residential

Derrick Holland, Co-Chair
Trinity Group

mTAPs Projects for 2016

The Redevelopment of the Trio Laundry Building
Atlanta Housing Authority

Built circa 1911, the subject property located at 20 Hilliard Street, SE in Atlanta was purchased by the Atlanta Housing Authority on 1/22/2009. AHA no longer has plans to demolish the building. AHA is interested in exploring financially feasible redevelopment options to adaptively reuse the building and to reincorporate the building back into the fabric of the community. In addition to the structure, the redevelopment would also include an adjacent vacant land parcel owned by AHA.

Underutilized Spaces in the City of Atlanta’s South Downtown Area
Center for Civic Innovation

The Center for Civic Innovation’s South Downtown Initiative team are bringing together stakeholders from the private, government and nonprofit sector to better understand their specific interests and challenges in order to move the neighborhood forward. They would like CFL participants to work with them to help build out a sustainable economic model and identify strategic local opportunities that exist now which can be utilized as part of a longer-term strategy to revitalize the community. The desired outcome is an overall model for the larger neighborhood but would include specific actions key property owners can take to catalyze further investment and generate collective, ongoing value.

Establishing a Model for Community Innovation Centers
City of Atlanta, Georgia

The City would like to explore ways to leverage existing infrastructure (i.e. Centers of Hope, Workforce Development Centers, Libraries, etc.) and identify other potential land use development opportunities that could be leverage for as an Innovation Center. We would like the Center for Leadership participants to assist in formulating a model to include the following elements:

1) Potential locations of Innovation Centers; 2) Service Model; 3) Funding Model; and 4) Technology Model

Save the Old Atlanta Prison Farm
East Atlanta Community Association

Located in South DeKalb County, between Key Road and Constitution Avenue, lies the Old Atlanta Prison Farm (aka Honor Farm #2). Covering about 300+ acres, it is one of the largest remaining undeveloped green spaces inside of 285.

East Atlanta Community Association would like the CFL participants to assist in developing a strategy that will develop an implementation approach for the property’s reuse as greenspace. They would also need to develop a strategy that will encourage a partnership between the neighborhood groups and the two local governments. The Association’s desired outcome is to present a viable plan that will encourage the city to not subjugate this land to become another industrial wasteland along the Moreland corridor.

Affordable Multifamily Housing Preservation: Demonstrate the preservation of naturally affordable small buildings (5-49 units) in different markets in Metro Atlanta
Enterprise Community Partners

Enterprise Community Partners has been engaging in preservation work and has found that small buildings (49 units or less) represent an important housing choice which does not often receive targeted research and resource development. In growing markets such as the urban core of Atlanta, “naturally affordable” small multifamily housing is rapidly disappearing due to gentrification and speculation, creating an undersupply of affordable housing in well-located neighborhoods that provide easy access to transit, jobs, and other resources.

This case study would document strategies in other markets to rehabilitate and preserve small market rate affordable buildings (49 units or less); conduct an inventory of at risk properties in the City of Atlanta; and lastly, propose strategies for small building preservation in varied Atlanta markets.

Best Practices in Public Space Utilization
Friends of Little Five Points Park

Findley Plaza has been a magnet for panhandlers, homeless, drug addicts and drunks for years. These folks along with the current design of the Plaza (narrow walk ways between fenced planters) have led to a very anti-social atmosphere in the plaza and the refusal of many residents to even walk through it.

The Horizon Theatre has obtained an arts grant for performances in the plaza beginning next spring.

The Friends of Little Five Points is requesting an mTap project focused on identifying best practices on forming public, private, and non-profit partnerships for the utilization of green space. Additional consideration should also be provided to identifying best practices for the creation of a neighborhood theatre entertainment district with Findley Plaza as the central focus.

Developing a Live Work Environment
McPherson Implementing Local Redevelopment Authority

Fort MacLRA would like an mTAP to provide recommendations for a new residential component within the Fort McPherson mixed-use site that will attract, energize and compliment the redevelopment efforts.

They would like CFL to help answer the question, “What would it take for YOU to live and work here?”